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Social Media

We've been starting a new social media campaign for our company, with the goal of increasing the awareness of concrete leveling and what it can do for our potential customers. We want to show how it works, how it looks, and what some of the advantages are to re-leveling instead of tearing out old concrete and re-pouring. I'll be posting some of our new social media to our blog as we send it out to the world. You'll see themes around saving money (did you know that concrete leveling saves 50%-70% off the cost of re-pouring?). You'll see themes about the ways that concrete re-leveling helps support our environment. We'll also post about saving time with re-leveling, as companies can go right back to work after we finish a job. In all my spare time--hah!--I'm reading a great book called Concrete Planet, by Robert Courtland, and some of our social media will look at some of the interesting history and achievements of concrete over the years. Plus, some of our social media will just be fun. I mean, come on, we're out there pumping it up, so why not have a little fun with it?

Here's an example of what's to come on the blog:

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