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Sixteen Years!

The ground is in great shape, and we are getting our trucks out there! It's a big push every year as winter eases off and we go back out at full speed. This weekend, we are reorganizing the A-1 home office, with the assistance of our tuxedoed Home Office Manager, Elvira.

All boxes are inspected for size and strength. All paper scraps are thoroughly put into their place. She works in exchange for fancy prescription cat-food, and love, and she's one of our two favorite A-1 Home Office employees. Our other Home Office employee, Star, also tuxedoed, has not bothered to show up to work today, as she's preparing for the new season by getting in a good nap.

We are excited about the season ahead, and we have some big plans for you, Western New York! We're bringing in some new staff, and a new extra -specialized and incredibly strong pumping truck. We're expanding our capacity and our abilities. And we are so happy to be back to our 16th year of pumping up Buffalo! This is what being a family-owned Buffalo business is all about!

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