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Use A-1 Concrete Leveling Buffalo for Your Pool Deck Repair

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Swimming pools are a huge investment! And Western New Yorkers love our pools. While it’s not actually true that Buffalo has the most private pools per capita in the US, it is true that we have a lot of swimming pools around here! In fact, Buffalo does have the most home swimming pools in the entire Northeast, with about 8.3% of homes having pools here. That ranks us 15th in the nation, and that's a lot of pools!

Given the major investment that goes into building and maintaining a pool, one of the most common concerns among pool-owners is when concrete decking starts to drop or shift. The danger is greater than just a few stubbed toes, or even a fall or two. The problem is that shifting concrete can push against the pool liner, putting stress on the entire structure and eventually destroying the liner. Worse, if you let your pool deck sink too far, your only option for repair is a complete excavation—and then full replacement!

The first photo in this post is from one of our repair projects just the other day. You can see what a dropped concrete pool deck looks like. You can also see an old cosmetic repair attempt with caulking. We were in fact able to raise this part of the deck back into place, leaving the pool deck level and safe again.

We took this second photo right after we finished. The old caulking is still visible, but it's easy to see that the concrete decking is now level. No more stubbed toes, no more tripping hazards, and no more pressure on the pool liner!

If your pool deck is shifting, dropping, or lifting, your best option is to see if concrete leveling will work for your pool deck. While it is possible in many cases to tear out your old pool deck and replace it without damaging the pool itself, it is very expensive and it takes up to a month for the new concrete to dry before you can use your pool again. If you go with repair instead of replacement, it will save you both money and pool time!

We have been repairing at least 100 concrete pool decks per year in the Buffalo area. That’s about 1600 pool decks, repaired and ready for summer fun! We are happy to give you an estimate, and you’ll quickly see that our cost is less than 50% (and up to 70%) than the cost of replacing your concrete pool deck. And there is NO wait time to use your pool!

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