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The Hole Story

Get the whole scoop on the finishing of holes after concrete leveling is performed!

Whether foam, poly, or grout, the process of concrete leveling involves drilling a series of holes through the existing concrete. The purpose of drilling the holes and the placement of the holes is to inject material in specific locations to stabilize and generate lift while minimizing the stress to the slab / concrete. Different materials / applications can require different sized holes. Holes sizes range from 3/8" - 2" in diameter. 

1 5/8" to 2" Example - Soda Pop Can

A-1's System

5/8" to 1" Example - U.S. Quarter

1-5/8" to 2"

(Traditional Mudjacking)

5/8" to 1"

(Grout Leveling,

Pressure Grouting)

1 3/8" to 5/8" Example - U.S. Dime

3/8" to 5/8"



Types of concrete leveling:

  • Traditional Mudjacking - 1-5/8" to 2"

  • Grout Leveling / Pressure Grouting - 5/8" to 1"  *(A-1's Preferred Pumping System)

  • Polyurethane / Foam - 3/8" to 5/8"

A-1's application utilizes the 1" diameter hole size to result in optimal distribution of material per square foot providing a more controlled, safer lift.

A1 Hole Size Quarter

Different variables affecting the appearance of the holes include:

  • Type / Color of existing concrete

  • Age / Condition of concrete

  • Texture (stamped, exposed aggregate, Kool deck)

Customized Grout for Capping Holes

It's important to know and understand that the holes will not match perfectly; however, having completed over 1,000 projects annually over the past 16+ years, and using additions such as aggregate or dyes, has given our technicians the skill, technique, and experience to provide a close match to the existing concrete. See examples below of some of the materials A-1 technicians use to match your existing concrete surface and/or texture.


Curious what the holes of your project might look like? A-1 technicians are experts at every facet of concrete leveling including hole finishing on all types of concrete: standard, exposed aggregate, stamped, or pool surrounds (Kool Deck, Mortex). Check out pictures of holes from our projects, all completed here in Western New York.