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  • Restore a 7"-8" standard step

  • Create safe walking enviroment by eliminating height differences

  • Re-Direct surface drainage away from your house

  • Re-establish the foundation of your concrete which will reduce or prevent future settling

  • Improve the cosmetic appeal of your house

  • Preserve your existing landscape and garden

  • Maintain the uniform color of your concrete with concrete leveling

  • Concrete Leveling typically saves 50-70% or more versus replacement


Typically, when a concrete step system is poured, a wooden frame surrounds the area. After pouring, the frame is removed and a natural gap behind the back of the step remains. The animation depicts the way steps tend to sink over time: either toward or away from the foundation. After leveling, the original, existing gap, will frequently be visible. This is completely normal. As leveling creates up-pressure rather than horizontal pressure, the gap will almost always exist after leveling is complete. This gap was not designed to be caulked or patched. 

"A-1 Concrete Leveling did an excellent job raising my front steps and sidewalk. Their technicians were professional and personable. The quality of the work was superb and they thoroughly cleaned up everything after finishing the job. Can't praise highly enough."


"Our front stairs were sinking, making them crooked. We contacted A-1 Concrete Leveling, the workers were courteous & professional. Our stairs are like new. Pete, answered all our questions and concerns. We will definitely call them again if we need any more work done. We would recommend A-1 Concrete Leveling to anyone that needs this type of service."


"Pete came out and looked over my repair request. (I had planned on meeting him at my location but a fire call came in prior to his arrival). He left an estimate and it came in way less than having to replace the front steps. The steps had sunk 6 - 8 inches being conservative. I waited another year to go through with the repair. He honored the original price. We had to play phone tag for a while to set-up a date, but we finally had our date set. They gave me a two hour time frame to arrive. They showed up within the first hour of that scheduled time. The crew that made that repair introduced themselves and explained what they planned on doing that day. They weren't sure they could make repairs without having the front stairs cracking more as they were very deteriorated. The crew worked about an hour and half in freezing temperatures to finish the job. They were able to lift the front steps back to the original height. The driveway is also now level too for my snow blower to slide smoothly down the driveway. In closing they showed up early, friendly, courteous and competent crew, thoroughly happy with their work, cleaned up when they were done. Nobody would know they were ever there. The cost was fair and inexpensive compared to replacing. I would definitely recommend them!"

William R.GOOGLE

"Did a great job on my front steps and sidewalk - highly recommend"



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