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Raising Buffalo to Higher Ground

We do all kinds of different types of jobs, including corporate and industrial and agriculture.  We once lifted a single concrete slab—a grain silo floor--that weighed  368,000 pounds!  We have worked at Somerset Power Plant, the only coal-fired power plant that acts as a resource for energy if the power grid fails in New York State. They had massive soil erosion issues that we pressure-injected with fill right underneath their working transformers.  We’ve been working in manufacturing facilities while production goes on around us.  And we work with many of our corporate partners again and again to keep their concrete supported and in top shape.

Some of our favorite work is with homeowners.  We often have at least one truck out in the neighborhoods of the greater Buffalo area, and we’ve met some great people and we’ve seen some gorgeous homes.  We love being able to help homeowners maintain their homes, yards, and pool decks.  Did you know that a cracked pool deck can be fixed, saving the owner thousands of dollars in future repairs, while costing 50%-70% less than the cost of replacement?  We can also help homeowners with water problems in the basement by lifting and slightly angling away the concrete around the foundation of their home.  You’d be surprised at the big difference such a small job can make.  Of course, we are also out there leveling concrete garage floors, outbuilding floors, driveways, porches and patios, concrete front step blocks, and sidewalks. 

We are a small family-owned business.  We love Buffalo, and it makes us feel good to be out there building up Buffalo job by job.  That’s why we chose one of our slogans:  “Raising Buffalo to higher ground.”  Because that’s what we’re doing, all day and every day!

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