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Our Pumping Trucks

We may be biased, but we really do love our trucks. There are many ways to pump up concrete, and some concrete leveling companies use foam applicators, while some pull a small trailer with a pump and hand-mix concrete in a container onsite. Some levelers have a huge cement mixer truck at each site to hose concrete slurry under existing slabs. But A-1 Concrete Leveling stands out because of our special patented pumping system.

Our founder, Grover Miller, spent years tinkering in his barn in Ohio, trying to create a new way to lift huge slabs of concrete back into place. Our trucks are the result of Grover’s vision, as our company has been using his pressure injection pumping system since he invented it in 1982. How does it work? We have a high-powered pumping system mounted on the back of each truck. We also have a hopper and a mounted mixer that allows us to carry the material we need to create our special pumping slurry fresh on site. This allows us to tailor our pumping mix precisely for each job.

Our amazing trucks--and our fantastic crew--are the reason A-1 Concrete Leveling has been the leading concrete leveling company in the Buffalo area since 2007. Give us a call to find out more at 716-341-4550.

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