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Concrete: The material that's 'too vast to imagine'

Every time I think that I know most of what there is to know about concrete, I find there is just so much more. I found the time today to read this short BBC piece from their Anthropo-Scene series. This is an ongoing set of articles focused on this age of human impact on our environment. The most recent installation of the series focused on concrete.

Did you know that within a few decades, the weight of all the concrete in the world will outweigh all living matter? Human have made so many concrete objects, buildings, roads, runways and paved areas, that concrete now counts for half of all human-made things, and there is nothing else that humans make that comes even close in quantity!

The article includes some great photos of concrete buildings and objects from all over the world. I know we are perhaps a little abnormally obsessed with concrete over here at A-1 Concrete Leveling Buffalo, but it's hard not to see that the enormous potential of concrete is amazing!

Check out the BBC piece at:

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