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What is Pressure Grouting?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Sometimes we have customers with a huge underground problem. Years of erosion or settling have caused the soil underneath their concrete slabs to wash away, leaving a dangerous void. The concrete on top may have visibly dropped, or it may look normal--but in either case it is now acting as a kind of roof over what might be dangerously loose soil or even a large eroded cavern. If heavy vehicles or machinery are being held up by the concrete, this situation can be very unstable over the long run. Fortunately, A-1 can solve this problem for most of our customers.

In addition, pressure grouting is often used on construction sites to solidify the ground before construction begins. Our material evens out the sub-base and creates a solid surface that can support large-scale construction. We can also fill sinkholes of many sizes.

Pressure grouting is the process that we use to re-stabilize the ground. We can drill through a concrete slab, or pump directly into the ground. Our specialized equipment pressure-injects an engineered grout based on the specific needs of the project. The material is all-natural--not a chemical foam--and it will last for for years. Our process results in a re-stabilized subsurface that mimics solid ground as it compacts. It will take on and let off water as the original sub-base did, but in a way that supports surface continuously. In addition, it will harden to the ideal density of compressed earth.

A-1 Concrete Leveling Company pressure grouting project in the Town of New Albion

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