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Level Sidewalks are an Accessibility Issue

When a sidewalk surface isn't level, it makes it very difficult for wheel-chair users to safely travel on the pathway. Motorized wheelchairs in particular require a very smooth surface. Concrete that's not level, or tipped or dropped, can be dangerous to wheel-chair users and the elderly who need walkers or canes.

We need to remember that it's not just kids, dog walkers or runners who use our sidewalks and pathways. For the mobility impaired, level concrete surfaces are literally what makes the difference between being able to get around in a neighborhood or not.

When sidewalks and other walkways are maintained, whole families can enjoy the neighborhood together. Everyone can get where they want to go. Kids can ride safely off the streets. And wheel-chair users can get where they need to be without worrying about accessibility or injury.

A-1 Concrete Leveling can help you keep your neighborhood accessible. We drill through tilted or dropped concrete pads so we can pressure inject our specialty all-natural mix under the slab to lift it carefully back into place. We angle it perfectly to make a smooth and continuous concrete surface. We can make your old sidewalk work as if it was new. We cost 50% to 70% less than tearing out and replacing your concrete, which makes us an affordable option for sidewalk maintenance. Give us a call at 716-341-4550 for an estimate soon.

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