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A-1 Concrete Leveling Buffalo Home Office Employee Appreciation

With the colder air out there, it’s been a cozy work-from-home kind of day today. For small family-owned businesses, the work never stops, and Pete and I often work from home on the weekends. Today, I’ve had the company of our Home Office Chief Laptop Security Advisor all day as I’ve been working. This sweet little kitty has been supervising pretty much the whole time.

We here at A-1 Concrete Leveling Buffalo are so lucky to have a great group of employees, all of whom are truly dedicated and very hard-working. But our A-1 Concrete Leveling Home Office staff—Star and Elvira—are some of the hardest working. Of course, unlike our other workers, we have to put napping and cuddling in their job descriptions, otherwise they might not get quite as high marks on the job. Overall, though, we’re very pleased with the feline team performance, especially today.

And, like every day, we are so grateful to have such a fantastic crew and a wonderful office staff!

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